Jennifer Kitna age, height, husband, family, net worth, biography, and more

Jеnnifеr Kitna

A lot of people know Jennifer Kitna as the respected wife of the famous former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna. Due to her relationship with her successful husband, Jennifer has gotten a lot of attention and fame.

Jennifer has become a public figure and celebrity in her own right as the loving wife of Jon Kitna, even though she hasn’t followed a career of her own. When Jennifer met an important person in American football, Jon Kitna, her journey took an exciting turn.

Who is Jеnnifеr Kitna?

Jennifer Kitna has been married to Jon Kitna since 1994. It’s official. Jenna Kitna’s children were born to her. When Jennifer got married, she stopped working as a worker. People have always known her as Jon Kitna’s wife. When her husband did well in international football games, she was always in the spotlight.

Jеnnifеr Kitna Family and Early Lifе

When we talk about Jennifer’s family, her brother Timm works as a real estate agent in Portland and has stayed there his whole life. His wife and three kids live with him. Charles Chuck Durrow is her dad’s name. Jennifer once said that her father used to be an officer in the US Air Force. Charles died in 1998. Loretta Durrow is Jon’s wife’s older sister. She was born in Portland, Oregon, on August 17, 1971. She went to Central Washington University to school.

Jеnnifеr Kitna Agе

Jennifer Kitna Durrow was born on August 17, 1971, in Portland, Oregon. She is also known as Jennifer Diane Durrow. Jennifer is 52 years old, and Leo is her star sign.

Jеnnifеr Kitna Hеight and Wеight

Jennifer Kitna is beautiful. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 65 kg. With her beautiful smile and charm, she makes people happy everywhere she goes. Because she cares about others and wants to help others, she is a huge inspiration to many.

Jennifer Kitna’s husband

Jon Kelly Kitna played sports in college, but he really wanted to be a teacher at first. His 12,907 yards of total offense set the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) record. He played in 43 games. Following an injury in 2012, he quit the league and started working as a teacher.

Jennifer Kitna Biography

Jennifer, born August 17, 1971, is well known for her relationship with Jon Kitna, although her personal life and family are unknown. We found some intriguing family details after thorough research. Jennifer’s father, Charles Chuck Durrow, a retired US Air Force officer, shaped her life before his 1998 death.

Along with her father, Jennifer’s cherished grandma, Rosemary Durrow, has shaped her character. She also has an older brother, Timm Ready Durrow, a successful mortgage advisor in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and three children. Loretta Durrow, her older sister, generously provided a photo of their extraordinary mother, Rosemary Durrow, at 97.

Jennifer Kitna’s Background

Jennifer Kitna

Jennifer Kitna

Jennifer’s early life was shaped by her loving family and her father, Charles Chuck Durrow, a former US Air Force officer who died in 1998. Jennifer was born in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Her educational path started in a Portland high school, which set the stage for her future plans. In the end, her desire to learn brought her to Central Washington University, where she met Jon Kitna by fate.

Jennifer Kitna’s Net Worth

Jenifer’s net worth is $1 Million, which comes from her jobs and her husband’s work. It is known to the public that she is not a professional in any area. She does a lot of work with her boyfriend, who makes the money for the family. Jennifer Kitna spent more time taking care of her kids before they all got older.

Instead of being alone with nothing to do, she might be working on something to keep herself busy. Jon Kitna, on the other hand, is doing well and making enough money for his family, even though his wife isn’t a top worker. The job that made him rich, as a teacher, brings in $30 million a year.

This includes money from when he played. His earnings have always gone to his family, who now have a good life. Both Jennifer Kitna and Jon Kitna are mostly by themselves now that their kids are grown up.

Jennifer Kitna Nationality?

Jennifer may have African roots, but she is an American by birth. In this way, her ancestors came to the US a very long time ago. But her father and mother were born and raised in the United States, as were her closest grandparents and great-grandparents. Jennifer is clearly an American, even though she is married to Jon.

Jеnnifеr Kitna Education

Jennifer, Jon Kitna’s wife, has always been very interested in learning. She studied at Central Washington University to become a teacher, which was her dream. Jennifer has always been very determined and loved learning, even when she was very young. She had no idea that her path would cross with that of a charming young athlete who would make her life different forever.

Jеnnifеr Kitna Children

He and his wife Jennifer have three children. Jalen, Jada, and Jordan. 

Jalen Kitna

He was born on March 22, 2003. He was 20 years old, and he played quarterback for the University of Florida Gators. In 2020, he was charged with second-degree crimes, such as sending adult movies to kids. Because of the claim, he was kicked off the school team. The charges were later dropped, though, and he has been working to get his job back.

Jamison Kitna

The last child Jennifer had was a high school student who played quarterback for the Lakota East High School football team. 247 Sports gives him three stars as a quarterback.

Jordan Kitna

On October 30, 1997, Jennifer had her first child, a son. Like his dad, he played quarterback at Colorado State University. At Lakota East High School, he is now in charge of the offense. He is also the founder and owner of QB Qorral, a business that trains quarterbacks. In 2021, Jordan got married to Shileigh Kitna.


Jennifer Kitna’s life shows how important love, strength, and family are. The story of her trip, which is linked to American football, is an inspiring one of love and strength. Even though they’ve had problems, the Kitna family is still a great example of togetherness and determination, and they truly represent the American spirit.

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