Top 15 burst fade haircuts: The best styles for men

burst fade

The burst fade haircut, paired with a professional beard, is a trendy choice for males seeking a striking and unique image. The fade semicircle shape around the ear and bending back give it a unique, edgy look.

This complete guide covers burst fade haircut types, strategies to acquire the perfect cut, and recommendations for preserving this contemporary look with a well-groomed professional beard.

What is the Burst Fade Haircut?

A trendy and contemporary men’s haircut, the Fade uses an unusual fading process. A dramatic and fashionable cut, a burst fade features a radial, or “burst,” pattern in the hair surrounding the ears. 

An example of this fade would be a circular or semicircular taper around the ears, which would make the hair look like it’s about to burst.

How Do You Get a Burst Fade?

For the most impressive results, it’s advised to seek the expertise of a professional barber when getting a fade.

Top 15 Best Burst Fade Haircut Ideas

Currently, fade haircuts are all the rage. Fortunately, fading offers a lot of room for experimentation. However, everyone enjoys unique and unusual styles.

So, before this style is fully discovered, don’t waste any more time and look at the best and most recent burst fade haircut alternatives that we have supplied.

1. Mohawk Haircut Fade

Are you frustrated by the challenges of styling your kinky black hair? This explosion fade is the answer to all of your hairstyle problems.

From a bald fade to a less deep one, the sides of the haircut have high bursts. You get a razor cut around the hairline and temples for an edgy look, or you can go with a beard for a more modern take. Your Mohawk takes on a stylish appearance that will make your admirers green with envy.

2. Mullet Haircut Burst Fade 

Another option for a classic, retro style is a mullet with a burst fade. You can get a mullet by cutting your hair short on top, sides, and in the front and longer on the back of your neck, sometimes even past your shoulders, instead of all at once. 

This hairstyle had a major resurgence in the ’90s rock scene. By gradually narrowing the sides as they follow the contour of your ear, you can get a fade with this cut.

3. Curly Haircut Fade

burst fade

burst fade

This curly hair fade is perfect for the carefree man who wants to embrace his trendy style. The curls are able to display their inherent structure and volume thanks to the top-to-side disconnection and the tight fade over the ear, which lifts the hair from the front of the head to the nape of the neck.

4. Quiff Haircut Fade

You may use quiff with a burst fade or any other kind of fade with ease. On the sides, you can see C-shaped fading. The nose seems unaltered. On top of that, the sides are tapered while the top is long. 

A barber can texturize your hairstyle by using the point-cut technique. Concurrently, this gives your hair a little more bounce and body. If you’re a man looking to experiment with a trendy new hairdo, this is one option to think about.

5. Taper Haircut Fade

Here’s another example of a fade style, this time with short sides and backs and a top-grazing texture.

For a stylish disheveled style, try this medium-length cut with loose, wavy hair. What makes this cut unique are the fade and the hair pattern that runs along the neckline.

6. Comb-Over Haircut Fade 

You should go for this hairdo if you want a comb-over fade that has a twist. Whether your hair is long or short, this is still achievable. 

Side fades can be trimmed to a high, medium, or low level. You also have the option to have it shaved cleanly at the base. 

7. Pomp Haircut Burst 

Here we have yet another variation on the traditional fade, this time enhanced with loud pomp. Fade levels might be low, medium, or high for this. 

It also has a setting that lets you decide how much hair to leave on top, so you can style it as you like before laying it flat.

8. Straight Haircut Burst 

burst fade

burst fade

Is the monotony of straight hairstyles getting you down? Are you in search of a fresh and captivating hairdo to transform your appearance?

Fortunately, your search is over; the burst fade haircut has arrived! Those with straight hair who are looking to spice things up with a new style will adore this modern and fashionable cut. Then, why not give the fade a shot?

9. Fade with Design Haircut

A fade with a pattern is what you should go for if you want to show off your unique personality and style. You need to follow the same well-tapered steps for the haircut, but the hairstyle takes the look to the next level. 

Also, using your imagination when drawing is a great idea to think about. That being said, if you want that look, you need to find a barber that you can trust. 

The problem is that adding a thorough design isn’t the easiest thing to do. Also, think about how long the top is and what kind of material you want to keep.

10. Fade with Buzz Cut

As you move down the sides of the burst fade buzz cut, the hair gets thinner and thinner until it reaches the ears. The rest of the hair is cut in a buzz-cut way.

This makes a smooth blend that makes your haircut look sleek and put together. You can try out different looks with it because it can be made with different patterns and textures.

11. Cropped Fade

If you’re a man with short hair, this fade style is perfect for you. You have the option to crop the top while fading the sides here. 

The front-designed hairline gives you more options than just cutting the top hair; you can add texture and rock a disheveled look. Particularly if you’re a high school or college student, it will make you appear fantastic.

12. Undercut Fade with Straight Hair

A daring undercut and the distinctive fade method come together in the undercut burst fade with straight hair, a modern and fashionable hairdo.

Blending a fade around the ears with a distinct undercut and keeping the top hair straight gives this haircut a clean and sharp look.

13. Blonde Haircut Fade

If you want to be trendy, get a faded blonde. You will turn heads with this style, which mixes a vivid blonde hue with a high-contrast fade.

14. Textured Fade Haircut

This unique take on the classic burst fade features a textured top for a modern spin. The top is disheveled for a carefree yet edgy look, and the hair is masterfully faded around the ears to create the burst appearance that is the name of the cut. 

It’s perfect for the guy who wants to look sharp without putting in a lot of work, since the style combines carefreeness with perfect maintenance.

15. Wavy Side Fade

You can pair the fade with a wide variety of hairdos. Of these, side swept is one. The barber achieves a seamless transition around the ears with this style.

Your hairstyle is now sleek and tidy. The sides are short, while the top is left lengthy. Wavy hair works well with this cut.

Sweeping the top section of hair to the side can style it. Using hair styling products to enhance your style is also a good idea.

Burst Fade Maintenance Tips

burst fade

burst fade

It takes work to keep a burst fade looking neat in between trips to the barber. Keeping a fade in place requires the following:

Regular Trims: Maintaining the form and cleanliness of the fade requires regular trims, which you may arrange with your barber. The rate at which your hair grows will determine the suggested frequency, which is usually every two to four weeks.

Home Maintenance: To maintain a fade between salon visits, use clippers or trimmers to touch up the hair at home. Take care not to make a mess by removing too much hair at once.

Moisturize Your Hair: You can avoid dryness and keep your hair looking healthy by keeping it well-moisturized. Apply a high-quality conditioner or moisturizer to your hair.

Protect Your Hair: Keep the elements (sun, wind, pollution, etc.) out of your hair. Think about utilizing UV-protective clothing or a hat.

Avoid overwashing: Dryness can set in if you wash your hair too often since it removes the natural oils. Avoid over-washing your hair; just wash it when necessary. Maintain your hair’s natural oils by washing with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Use Quality Hair Products: If you want your hair to stay put and look its best, you should use high-quality hair treatments like wax, pomade, or styling gel. Pick up hair care items that work with your hair type and style.

Comb and Brush Carefully: If you want your hair to stay put and look its best, you should use high-quality hair treatments like wax, pomade, or styling gel. Pick up hair care items that work with your hair type and style.

Maintain the Burst Shape: Use a hand mirror to examine and preserve the form of your fade if it has one. The burst effect will be kept clearly defined in this way.

Nighttime Care: For a more friction-free night’s sleep free of frizz, try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. Another option is to wear a satin bonnet or wrap your hair with a satin scarf.

Avoid DIY experiments. Minor touch-ups here and there are fine, but nothing drastic should be done. If you want your fade to last, have your barber make the complicated tweaks.

Healthy Lifestyle: The key to beautiful, healthy hair is leading a balanced life. Your hair health is a reflection of your general wellness, so it’s important to drink plenty of water, eat nutrient-rich foods, and exercise often.

Consult with Your Barber: Please don’t hesitate to ask your barber any questions or concerns you may have regarding keeping your fade. They can tailor their recommendations to your unique hairstyle and type.


If you want to feel more confident in social and professional situations, get a trendy haircut. It will do wonders for your personality. Here are fifteen stylish burst fade hairstyles that you can pick from based on your hair texture and style preferences; they’re all now in vogue.

Our collection of haircuts is unique in that it caters to all hair types. Not only are these styles on trend, but they are also functional and simple to maintain. You can make each cut special by adding your personal touch. Leave a comment below and tell us which cut is your favorite.

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